Is flood insurance covered in Colorado homeowner’s policies?

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Winter came early this year and many homeowners are busy located their snow gear from basements, attics, and garages. But, as the snow falls on Colorado, and before you head to the slopes, give your insurance agent a call and make sure you have flood insurance. With early snow, comes the possibility of floods. Don’t leave your home vulnerable.

Get the best insurance policy with an independent insurance agent in Colorado

Flood insurance is not a part of your standard homeowners policy. Talk to your independent insurance agent about adding flood insurance to your Colorado home or business.

Flood insurance is not included in your standard homeowners insurance policy

As quickly as the winter came, so can it be taken away again causing a sudden amount of runoff leaving many communities vulnerable to flooding. The seasons are unpredictable, but you can still make sure your home is covered for any disaster. Flood insurance is one of those things that you need to talk to your broker about because your average homeowners insurance does not automatically cover flooding.

If you’re working with an independent broker, they can help you find the right policy to go with your homeowners policy to cover your home from the foundation to the tip of your chimney. But your policy should cover more than just your physical home, you want to protect everything inside your home as well because flooding can do damage to appliances, electrical systems, even your plumbing can be affected by flooding. And then there are all your personal belongings.

Use a local independent insurance agent to find
the best options for flood insurance policy in Colorado

The right coverage will depend on where you live in Colorado. The owner of an apartment on the 32nd floor in downtown Denver will need a different policy than the homeowner in a high-risk flood zone like Boulder. But, flooding can happen everywhere whether you’re in a low, medium or high-risk flood zone. You also need to talk to you agent about other structures on your property. Anything of value that could be damaged by flash floods should be covered.

Since you live in Colorado, we know you’re itching to get out and play in the snow.
We’ll do all the research for you and come up with the best solutions for your home:

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