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Who doesn’t dream of cruising down the street with the wind blowing in your hair, turning heads wherever you go in your fancy convertible? Before you go spending your hard-earned money on a convertible, take a minute to consider the costs associated with this type of car.

Convertibles are more susceptible to theft

Convertibles are cool, no doubt about it, but with that cool factor comes a few pitfalls that every convertible owner should be aware of, like increased auto insurance rates. Because the convertible is in a league of its own, insurance companies are extra careful when insuring these vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s not just law-abiding citizens that find convertibles irresistible. Car thieves also have their eyes peeled for these cars and will jump at the chance to steal it from you.

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Talk to an independent broker about your insurance options for a classic WV Beetle convertible.

Convertibles are exposed to the elements

Theft aside, the soft top often leaves the interior of your car exposed to the elements, like freak rain and hail storms. Unlike its hardtop cousins, the convertible is more vulnerable inside and out, and this will reflect in your insurance coverage and premiums. Plus, the soft top may take a bigger beating from hail and rain simply due to the materials. Your hardtop may get a few dents and dings when tangerine sized hail drops from the sky, but the same weather could tear right through your soft top, causing more expensive damage.

Convertibles cost more than daily drivers

Finally, the convertible is more expensive than most other cars, putting them in a price range that will affect what you pay for insurance. When you purchase an insurance package, you want to make sure that it will cover replacing the car in case of theft or damage in an accident.

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Make sure your auto insurance will cover damage to your convertible and restore the interior in case of damage due to exposure to the elements.

Auto insurance for your convertible

Before you buy a convertible, talk to an independent insurance broker about your auto insurance options. The last thing you want is to spend a bunch of money on a fancy car and then not be able to afford the insurance you need to protect your investment.

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At AAI Central, we represent multiple carriers and can help you find the best insurance for any type of vehicle.

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