Insurance Must-Haves If You’re About to Get Married

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Insurance is not the first thing you think of when you decide to get married. If a wedding is in your near future, make sure you have these policies in place before you tie the knot.

These Insurance Policies Should Be Part of Your Wedding Plans

It takes months to plan a wedding. The perfect wedding planner, the cake, the caterers, the music, the decorations, the wedding favors, the dress… The list goes on and on. Everything seems urgent, and it all takes precedence over the important. If you were to take a survey right now, how far down would insurance be on your wedding priorities list? Would it even make it on the list?

Insurance you need before getting married

Your plans for the future should always include insurance

No judgment. You’re not alone. This doesn’t only affect those who are about to get married. A lot of people, in general, consider insurance the last of their priorities. But this mistake can be costly because insurance can have a big impact on your marriage. So, if your own wedding is coming up, it’s advisable you consider getting these three insurance policies before saying “I do”.

Life Insurance

This is at the top of the list for a very simple reason. If your spouse suddenly was no longer with you, life insurance would be highly beneficial as it would provide financial support during those tough times. You can use this when and where you need it the most, whether it is for standard expenses, or even for funeral costs.

Health Insurance

When tough times hit, health insurance relieves the burden. Especially when you have children. Purchasing insurance from an independent company will get you on the right track and give you peace of mind.

Insurance for couplesAuto Insurance

When you’re about to get married, you are likely to have your own car insurance but you can save a lot of money by bundling both your insurance policies and still keep your investment safe and sound.

Is Your Future in Colorado?

If Colorado remains your home after getting hitched, you’ll need the best independent insurance agents in Colorado to help you determine which policies work best for you and your spouse, in this new stage of life. Contact AAI Central Agency today and we’ll help you get your policies in place so you can protect and enjoy the future that you’re so carefully planning together.

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