How to Make It Through Allergy Season?

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Don’t you love the beautiful landscapes that spring brings? All those beautiful trees and flowers are a sight for sore eyes, yet for those who suffer from allergies, this might not be their favorite time of the year. Don’t let those allergies take you by surprise and ruin the beauty of the season.

Dealing with Spring Allergies

It’s everything but wonderful when seasonal allergies sneak up on you. You know they are coming, but sometimes, you hope your wishes for them to never enter your life again can save you from being affected. That would be great but it doesn’t quite work that way.

Pollen is not everyone’s friend but it’s one of the most common things about spring. The air gets saturated with it as blooming flowers, trees and grasses release it to fertilize other plants. Then pollen gets into your body through your nose and your immune system tries to attack it, which then causes histamines to be released into the blood, triggering all those not-so-fun seasonal allergy symptoms we all know and not love. So, when spring arrives, what can do you to deal with these pesky allergies? These tips can help:

Tackle Them Before They Start

If you know you suffer from allergies, get yourself checked out before allergy season kicks in. It’s important that you understand what causes your allergies, which medication you should be taking and how to control your environment. Getting a head-start on this can spare you the suffering.

Program your time outdoorsDon’t Let the Outside In

There are times during the day when the pollen counts are higher than other. During those times, try to keep your doors and windows closed. This will help keep all those allergens outsides. To go the extra mile, invest in a good, high-efficiency furnace filter or a HEPA air filter, shower and wash your clothes after coming back home from being outdoors and avoid leaving clothes out to dry.

Keep Your House Clean

Dust mites and mold are some of the main allergy triggers, which is why it’s important to keep your house as clean as possible. Vacuum a couple of times a week, keep surfaces clean, minimize clutter and service your A/C to clean out that dirty filter.

Plan Your Time Outdoors

This is not to say you should stay trapped in your house for the following four months. Of course, you can go out and enjoy spring! The idea is for you to try to plan your outings during times of the day when the pollen counts are not as high. For example, try to avoid going outside very early in the morning. There are apps that can help you keep track of when it’s best to not go out.


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