Finding Car Insurance That Works for You

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Getting car insurance can be complicated or overwhelming. With the help of professionals and by understanding the basics of auto insurance, this process can be a lot smoother.

Protect Your Vehicle with the Right Car Insurance

Car insurance is a must for all drivers in Colorado. Sometimes, getting car insurance becomes a box that people check when it’s done, however, they don’t really pay close attention to their coverage until an accident happens. At that point, it’s kind of late to realize your policy is not the best fit for your needs. Finding the best car insurance can be tricky but not impossible. With a little know-how and help from the pros, you can get what you need without much complication.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

Learning about the different kinds of car insurance and the difference between each can help smooth out the selection process. These are the main types of auto insurance:

Discover How Comprehensive Car Insurance Can Benefit YouLiability Insurance

This type of insurance is required by law in Colorado and it refers to coverage that pays for third-party personal injury or even death-related claims and damage that you cause to someone else’s property via an incident with your vehicle. In the event of your car being involved in an accident when someone other than you, someone you authorized, is driving your vehicle, liability insurance would cover that.

Collision Insurance

After an accident, meaning a collision with another vehicle or object, this is the coverage that will pay to get your car fixed.

Comprehensive Insurance

This, along with collision insurance, is not required by law, however, lenders can require you to get it in order to provide financing for your vehicle. In the event of theft, fire, water damage, or vandalism, etc., comprehensive insurance protects you.

Auto Insurance in Colorado That Fits Your Needs

Beyond those three main types of coverage, there are much more that apply to different circumstances like towing, glass breakage, and more. This is where choosing the best coverage for you can become a little overwhelming. At AAI Central Agency, our Colorado insurance agents can talk you through your options and help you find the best auto insurance to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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