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Avoiding home insurance claims

Colorado home insurance

Check your Colorado home for damage, and schedule repairs before winter.

We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend because it’s time to get to work on your home. With the arrival of fall, homeowners have two harsh seasons ahead that can spell trouble for your home: fall rain and winter snow. But, before we get to winter, let’s talk about what you need to do to prep your home for fall weather. With a little fall maintenance, you can avoid home insurance claims and keep your home beautiful and safe.

Clean your gutters

We know you’re dying to head out into the Colorado wilderness for some good old fashioned fall leaf peeping. Before you go too far, take a peep at the leaves in your gutter. A quick gutter cleaning – removing fall leaves, dirt, and checking the state of your gutter system – can prevent water damage.

While you’re at it, rake the leaves on your lawn. They may look pretty, but a heavy blanket of leaves can prevent spring growth.

Homeowner's insurance in Thornton

Your gutter system is your biggest weapon against water damage. Make sure it’s ready for fall.

Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs

Before you head to the nearest park to soak in the wonders of nature, soak in the trees, bushes, and shrubs that you have right in your own backyard. If you see branches that are inching too close to your home or any signs of poor health, get a professional out to properly trim your trees. As far as bushes and shrubs, you can trim and prune them yourself. You don’t have to be Edward Scissorhands; you just need to make sure that they aren’t getting unruly. Greenery growing up against your exterior walls could be slowly causing damage to your siding, which can lead to water damage.

Fix any exterior damage

Avoiding home insurance claims

Talk to an independent insurance agent in Denver about your Colorado home insurance.

Check your roof, siding, and foundation for cracks, dents, or discoloration. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, take the time to find a reputable repair person and make all exterior repairs before winter kicks in.

Homeowner’s insurance in Colorado

Even the most diligent homeowner should have adequate homeowners insurance for their Colorado home. We are an independent insurance agency in Thornton, Colorado. We know firsthand what the Colorado climate can do to Colorado homes. Let us help you find the best home insurance for your home, including flood insurance, hail insurance, and wildfire insurance.

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