Driver Beware: Auto Accidents Are On the Rise

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Auto accidents are on the rise nationwide, and it’s not all due to bad driving habits. Take extra precaution when you hit the road, and practice good road safety when you get behind the wheel, both for your sake and for your fellow road travelers.

Reasons auto accidents are on the rise

A growing economy means more people driving. More drivers mean more accidents.

Top reasons why auto accidents are on the rise

Believe it or not, the reasons we see more auto accidents is actually a sign that we are doing well as a nation. More money means more driving. More driving will automatically raise the rate of auto accidents across the nation.

Mo’ money, mo’ accidents

Because our economy is strong, unemployment rates are at an all-time low, and gas prices are down, we see an increase in daily drivers. The more money we have in our pockets, the more we drive. When the number of drivers increase, so does the risk of auto accidents.

Distractions and temptation

Top reasons for a rise in auto accidents

Millennials are more likely to get distracted and run a red light.

When we hear that familiar sound of a tweet, snap, Facebook message, or text, it is almost an auto-response to reach for that phone and see what’s up. We even have custom celebrity voices for GPS services that are hilarious, as well as distracting. The GPS is supposed to increase safety on the road, helping us navigate and avoid making dangerous moves because we are lost, but with T-Pain singing out directions, the GPS can quickly become a distraction.

Millennials are the worst drivers

Okay, it’s unfair to single out millennial drivers, but a new study shows that young drivers are the worst at resisting all the temptations we mentioned above. While they are texting or checking social media, they are also speeding and running red lights. Before you get all self-righteous about not falling into this group, older drivers weren’t a whole lot better than the millennials. So, we all need to take a step back, leave the phone in the bag, and concentrate on driving.

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