Drive Safe in Spring with These Tips

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Cold, harsh winter days are over and we are happy about these much warmer days we have ahead of us. However, beyond the nicer weather and the beautiful blossoming trees, we can expect a lot of rain in spring which means it’s time to adjust our driving habits.

Spring Driving Tips to Keep You Safe This Season

Springtime is a happy time. We start moving into much more enjoyable weather and a much more colorful landscape. However, it’s not all just flowers and rainbows. With potholes left from the winter, the wind and rain that comes with spring, this season proposes rather complicated driving conditions. Consider these tips when you’re out on the road, and drive safely to and from your destination:

Get Your Tires Checked

Make sure your tires are properly inflated as they can reduce the impact of falling into potholes. Also, if you’re comfortable, you can keep your winter tires on for extra grip during this rainy season. Check with your mechanic to see what’s best for you and your vehicle.

Get Your Tires Checked

When spring hits, give your tires a check before you roll.

Account for Extra Driving Time

When it rains, you can’t drive as fast so make sure you check the weather forecast and take it into consideration when planning your time for travel. When possible, leave with plenty of time to spare so you are not in a rush to get anywhere, as you might encounter delays on the way to your destination.

Keep Your Distance

Driving bumper to bumper is never a good strategy and much less during spring. Every inch counts and keeping enough distance between you and the car in front can help you prevent accidents.

Find Your Way Around Potholes

Don’t drive through them. Potholes can mess with your car’s alignment and they are one of the main causes of accidents in spring. When you see them, bring down the speed and try to go around them.

Keep an Eye Out for Construction ZonesStay Away from Puddles

Driving through puddles might be tempting for some but it is certainly not a good practice. By driving through water, you can damage your brakes, decrease your visibility and, depending on your speed, you can even hydroplane and drive off the road.

Keep an Eye Out for Construction Zones

With all these potholes, puddles and other things that affect the roads, spring is usually a time when you’ll find plenty of construction zones and closures on the way to anywhere. It’s not uncommon to find construction workers on the road or vehicles stopped on shoulders, so drive slower around those areas to prevent accidents.

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