Colorado Campaign to Catch a Crooked Contractor

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Hail storms are wreaking havoc on windows, siding, gutters, and roofs all over Colorado. Following each storm is an equally unwelcome sales attack from scam roofing contractors.

Hailstorms are just too tempting for scam roofing contractors. These pushy contractors will show up on your doorstep within hours of the storm. They chase storms across the state, seeking out homes that show storm damage. Even homes that have gone unscathed aren’t safe from scam artists posing as legitimate roofers.

Hail insurance Colorado

Make sure you hire a reputable roofing agent to fix any hail damage.

How to spot a roofing scam

Since Colorado now ranks second in hailstorm insurance claims (Texas being number one), roofing scams have increased. However, thanks to a new campaign by a group of non-profit, government, and business organizations, homeowners can now spot these rogue roofers before they cause more damage.

Avoid liability for fraudulent contractors

The biggest concern with these sleazy contractors is that they could be causing more harm than good. If they aren’t properly insured or licensed and you let them onto your roof to survey the damage (or invent damage,) these nonprofessionals could cause more damage from walking on your roof, or slip and fall, leaving you with another huge insurance claim to file.

Hail insurance Colorado

A legitimate and reputable roofing contractor won’t be knocking at your door within hours of a hail storm. Watch out for crooked contractors.

Homeowners who don’t have adequate liability insurance could get stuck with the medical bills for a roofing contractor that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and the extra damage may not be covered because it was caused by negligence. Be careful when you hire a roofing contractor or any contractor to do repair work in (or on top of) your home.

Roofing scam campaign video:New campaign fights roofing scams in Colorado

Home insurance and hail insurance in Colorado

Before you let any company onto your roof or into your home after a hailstorm, talk to your independent agent about reputable companies to hire, or do your research and check the legitimacy and reputation of any contractor that you hire to handle your storm damage.

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