My Car Was in a Flood. What Do I Do?

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It’s normal to feel a little baffled after your car has been in a flood. There are a lot of things on the to-do list you’ll need to check off before considering taking your car out for a spin.

How to Handle a Flooded Car Situation

When your vehicle has been immersed in water, a lot of damage might have been done, even if you can’t see it. Once the water is gone, you’ll need to follow some steps to determine the extent of the damage.

Drop That Key

This is not the time to be impulsive. Of course, the first thing on any car owner’s mind would be to check if the car is still alive after being under water, but it’s not the best idea. If there’s water in the engine, turning that key could be the last straw.

Take Time to Assess Potential Damage

Try to figure out how deep into the water your car might have been. Usually, you’ll be able to see a waterline on the car, both on the inside and the outside.

Assess the Damage of Your Flooded CarInspect the Oil and Other Fluids

Oil is life for your car, so check that first. If you see water droplets in the dipstick, it’s possible there is water in the engine. Water in the air filter is also a good indicator of that. Other fluids like break, power steering, and so on will need quick examination too.

Test the Electrical Systems

If you determine your engine is water-free, you can turn the key and survey the electrical components like the turn signals, headlights, windows, etc. Taking the car to the mechanic for a full electrical checkup is ideal.

Freshen Up the Interiors

Give the inside of your car some love by drying it and cleaning it out. It’s possible that the upholstery, carpets, floor mats and all that will need to be replaced.

Call Your Insurance Agent

After assessing the damage to your car, it’s time to give your insurance company a buzz. Talk to your agent to understand if your auto insurance policy covers flood damage and the next steps you need to take. At AAI Central Agency, we are here to help you through tough times. Stop by our office or give us a call, we are at your disposal.

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