Can Speeding Tickets Affect Your Insurance Rate?

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Reckless driving doesn’t only have the potential to physically hurt you and others, it could also really impact the price of your auto insurance coverage.

How Speeding Tickets May Impact the Price of Auto Insurance

If you drive, you have a driving record. A driving record is a public file with historical information about your driving. Depending on the state, the records go back three years or more. Any moving violation —a.k.a. the infraction that you make while driving— can end up on your driving record, if you get a ticket for it. The question is, will that impact the price of your car insurance?

Your insurance company will take your driving record into account when calculating your premiums, but whether or not that will impact your rates, really depends on the insurance company of your choice. Statistics show that people who have more violations on their driving record are more likely to be involved in an accident, which is why your insurance company might consider it necessary to increase your premiums in cases like that. However, if you have a good driving record and have been a long time customer, one ticket is unlikely to affect your auto insurance rates.

How Speeding Tickets May Impact the Price of Auto Insurance

Serious infractions could really impact your insurance rates

In addition to potentially increasing your car insurance rates, a moving violation, such as a speeding ticket, can affect you in other ways. For example, you could miss out on cost reductions on your insurance, depending on how frequent and severe your violations are, you could eventually have trouble finding a private insurance company that will provide you with auto insurance coverage at all.

Serious Infractions Call for Higher Rates

To summarize, your car insurance rates will vary depending on your driving record and the insurance company you choose. But one thing is for sure, the more serious the infractions you commit, the bigger the rate increase you can expect. Something like a broken headlight is considered a low-impact ticket and is unlikely to affect you, but a citation for speeding at 10 miles above the speed limit could have moderate effects on your rates.


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