Boosting Your Small Business With Insurance

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We all dream of a world without a boss. The trouble is, if you don’t have a boss, then you are the boss, and that means responsibilities. Not only are you responsible for the success of your business, but you are also responsible for clients, investors, and employees. Everyone shares in the rewards, but if you are punished for failure to deliver on products and promises, then you are facing the charges alone. With the right insurance and an independent agent on your side, you will never be alone.

Liability insurance for small businesses in Colorado

Professional liability insurance can protect your business in the case of a lawsuit, and it can help you win bigger contracts with future clients.

Professional liability insurance

When the business is succeeding, everyone will think you are the Boss! However, when things don’t turn out the way you wanted them to, or (a more realistic scenario) your clients don’t think the product delivers on its promise, then you could be faced with lawsuits.

If you are in a service-focused industry, where you are relying on your expertise in a certain area to win contracts and win clients, then professional liability insurance will not only protect you in the case of an unhappy client, but it could help you win business in the future.

If you are hired as an architect, designer, consultant, contractor, etc., potential clients will want a guarantee on the work. If you have professional liability insurance, the client can have peace of mind that if the work is unsatisfactory for whatever reason, they can get their money back.

Expertise and reputation isn’t enough

You may have positioned yourself as a thought leader and an expert in your industry. You may have all the right training and education, and you may have a great reputation in your field and great reviews from past clients. However, if you don’t have professional liability insurance, you’re never going to get that big contract that you’re seeking.

Protect your business and your client

You need professional liability insurance if you are in the service industry.

Insurance is protection for your business and proof to your client that they won’t lose money by giving you a high-paying contract.

Insurance will protect new businesses

When your business is still the new kid on the block and you’re fighting established competition for the big contracts, having professional liability insurance will make it easier for a big client to take a chance on your business. Without an established reputation, you need to assure your potential clients that you are serious about your business and that their investment is protected by insurance.

Protect your business from lawsuits

AAI Central is an independent insurance agency in Thornton, CO. Our agents can help you find the right insurance policy for your business and your budget. Give yourself and your client peace of mind with professional liability insurance.


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