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Camping is a very fulfilling activity that can help people disconnect from the world and just spend some time in a natural environment. It has proven health benefits, especially if you camp in areas with abundant greenery. While there are many advantages to camping, you must still remember that it is a risky activity. People can lose their equipment, have accidents, get lost, or be robbed often. That’s why you need to get camping insurance before every trip.


A camping insurance policy covers tents, equipment, vehicles, and personal possessions that you carry with you on the trip. Good-quality equipment isn’t cheap, and most people can’t afford to replace their carefully assembled kit immediately. They are forced to give up their hobby entirely or wait several months before going on another trip.

Travelers can also get involved in accidents during camping. It’s common for people to experience RV collisions or similar accidents, especially if they don’t have enough skill or experience to drive an RV safely.

These are just some of the most common risks. People also lose their lives on such trips, which means they must get life insurance before embarking on one. Fatalities are often a result of falls, accidents, getting lost, attacks from criminals, or natural disasters like landslides or floods. Even intense, persistent rainfall can lead to serious health issues and death.

Insurance Company

Upgrade your RV insurance policy in Colorado

Your motorhome may be retro, but your insurance policy shouldn’t be. Talk to an AAI Central agent about updating your RV insurance policy.

Different insurance providers offer different kinds of insurance plans for campers. Most basic plans cover items like:

  • Contacting an emergency helpline for immediate medical advice. Such a helpline is often managed by a trained doctor and may not be covered by your regular health insurance.
  • Emergency repatriation if a person has fallen ill, is injured, or requires urgent medical assistance. Emergency services can often involve airlifts, ambulance services, etc. All of these can be covered by camping insurance.
  • Lost equipment essential for camping like sleeping bags, tents, anything inside the tent, cooking equipment, and protective gear. Insurance will cover these items regardless of the reasons for a loss.

Most basic plans provided by a reliable insurance company will include these basic provisions.

Different Types of Insurance

Campers may need to get different kinds of insurance coverage for different things. Consult with an expert or an experienced camper before choosing a policy. Here’s a look at the type of coverage you may need:

  • Liability coverage if you’re involved in an accident or injure someone.
  • RV coverage to protect your camping vehicle; this includes collision, comprehensive, and personal property coverage.
  • Equipment insurance that includes all equipment ranging from camping gear to expensive cameras.

Think about what kind of coverage you need before making a choice. If you’re uncertain about the options available, consult with an insurance agent. They will explain all the plans carefully so you can make an informed decision.

If you want to know more about our insurance services or need some advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Affordable American Insurance. You’ll find all the contact information as well as a form here.

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