Acts of God: What Are They and Are You Covered?

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Does My Insurance Cover Acts of God?

Nature is a beautiful thing, but it is also unpredictable. Every year, hurricanes, storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters impact the lives of thousands of people. Some of them might be protected against them, some of the might not.

Understanding what the “Acts of God” are, is essential when you’re getting an insurance policy. In insurance language, “Acts of God” are nature-related events that cause damage to your home or vehicle. However, what the concept of “Acts of God” includes may vary from one insurance company to the next. For example, some companies consider high winds as an “act of God,” while others don’t agree.

Acts of God: What Are They and Are You Covered?Are You Protected from “Acts of God”?

Don’t wait until something happens to find out if you’re covered or not. Being taken by surprise without insurance can end up costing you much more than you imagined. If you are new to this topic, the best way to find out is by speaking with your independent insurance agent. Be sure to confirm what your insurance company considers as “Acts of God” and go over your coverage to see if it’s included. Comprehensive insurance is excellent to cover incidents of this sort. To protect yourself from other natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes, you might need a separate policy.


Natural disasters can’t be avoided, but you can avoid the financial hit they could cause. If you don’t have an insurance policy yet, consider a variety of insurance company options, before making a decision. Also research your area to understand what the most common nature-related problems are, so you are always a step ahead. AAI Central can help you evaluate a variety of insurance options, so you can find the policy that best satisfies your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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